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Flying home

Right now Dad, Kristin, a friend and I are in flight back to Austin. This past week has been fun, exciting, emotional, and exhausting, it’s a little sad to be going home, but I’m also excited about the work to be done moving forward. What good are experiences like the Freedom Conference if they don’t inspire us to want to move forward? If they don’t propel us towards ministry to those in our smaller communities and the world?

I had a feeling that this would happen, so it doesn’t really surprise me that leaving this conference I feel a deeper sense of urgency, passion, and love for ministry to the gay community and to the church. This year I taught a workshop (with Kristin’s help of course) and I was a little overwhelmed going into it, but when the time came I found that my passion far out-weighed the fear and shockingly I’m walking away from the experience wanting to do it again. I say shocking because there was a time in my life that I would have rather died than stand up in front of a bunch of (mostly) strangers and talk. God does amazing things.

Another thing that was really huge for me this year was helping with the young adult Refuge group. I can’t even put into words how awesome it was to get to me and talk to so many peers who are reaching for the same goals, who share a passion for seeing Christ’s love living in His people, and going through similar things. I’m so glad that we finally have this group, I’m so thankful for the men and women who attended, who shared their stories and their hearts, and it was so cool to get to know them and then have them in my workshop to be a voice for their generation.

It was also awesome, for the first time, to get to serve with a couple of other people who has a parent who struggles.

It’s going to take me a few blog entries to really cover the last several says, but I’ll leave you with this for now. Whoever you are, consider attending one of these conferences. I can’t think of a single person for whom it would not be a benefit and a blessing.

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