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Video Tuesday: Relevant Magazine A Conversation With Alan Chambers

This is just one video from a 5 part video conversation with Alan Chambers hosted by Eddie Kaufholz from Relevant Magazine. It’s so great, in the interviews Alan talks about his Upbringing, Exodus, Sexuality In Our Culture , God’s Intent for Sexuality ( my fav!!!)  and The Apology he made in June.

  • To read the article go here.
  • To watch all 5 videos visit the Relevant Magazine Youtube channel here. (scroll down to recent uploads for the list of all five videos or just click the play all button on the video above )

You can also read more about what is going on with Alan in a fantastic article just put out by Buzz Feed titled The Man Behind The Historic Implosion Of The Ex-Gay Movement .

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Exodus International closing- an open letter

You can almost not help having heard the news that Exodus International announced last Wednesday that they were shutting down. We’ve been reading a lot of “open letters” to Alan Chambers, and to Exodus, a lot of press accurate and inaccurate, a LOT of comments by people on all sides, and a lot of disclaimers.

Kristin and I felt it was important now (that we’ve had some time to rest after a very busy week last week) to add our own voices, though they may not be heard as loudly as some, to this subject.

Kristin and I are second generation (and now last) generation Exodus– the organization has played a significant role in our lives as our parents have been the directors of a member ministry for most of our lives, and as we became involved ourselves. We are deeply thankful for the ways in which Exodus has blessed our family, it’s leaders have served as role models for us in our youth and have become dear friends as we’ve grown up. In our deepest time of grief the Exodus family was a family to us who knew our parents; their hearts, their heart to minister to those in need, and their desire to love the lost, the lonely, and the broken the way that Jesus does, and stood beside us as we lost our Mom. It has been a great privilege and honor to learn from and serve beside so many fearless men and women of God and we thank each and every one of them for the years of blood, sweat and tears they have put into the ministry of Exodus.

That said, and while we grieve to see the end of an era, we also couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead. We stand beside other leaders and are hopeful for the chance to start a narrative that will build a bridge between the church and not only the gay community, but all those seeking a relationship with Jesus, no matter their walk of life. While holding firmly to biblical sexual ethic, it is our deepest desire to communicate the love of God in a way that heals instead of brings division, and that opens hearts to truth instead of leaves them defensive and alone. In all of this we are confident, in spite of the doubts some people have expressed, that the views being expressed by Alan Chambers and other leaders like him are God-inspired, and we agree with them whole-heartedly.

“Love The Lord your God with all of your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength…Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:30-31



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Ready Or Not, Here We Come!

Well friends, tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning we will begin our journey to Irvine Ca. for the Exodus freedom conference. We know it is going to be an amazing conference this year and we can’t wait for it to get started. Stay tuned for updates.

A few things before we go though 🙂

  • Have you checked out the live streaming options for this years conference? You can watch the beginning of the conference and the speech from Alan Chambers for FREE!! click the link (exodusfreedom.org/streaming/ ) for all the info and be sure to check out the opening night, you don’t wanna miss it!
  • Thursday June 20th be sure to check out Our America with Lisa Ling on the OWN network 10/9c. She is doing a special report titled God & Gays. On the show Alan and Leslie  Chambers sit down with a group of people who have been harmed by reparative therapy and listen as they share their stories , We think this is very important work and stand with Alan and Leslie and all of Exodus in their desire to take responsibility and seek reconciliation .

We hope that you will join us in praying for the conference, the attendees ,the speakers and the people tuning in via live stream! Watch the clip below for a sneak peek of God & Gays


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Freedom Conference 2013 Coming Up !


Hey guys, it’s that time of year again. Time for the Exodus Freedom Conference. Are you gonna be there? This year the theme is True Story! This is going to be a great conference and we really hope you will  join us !

Go to exodusfreedom.org for all the info, you won’t want to miss this years conference in beautiful Irvine Ca. It’s going to be a blast !

If you don’t plan to be there go a head and re think that decision . . .  then  if you still plan to stay home there is an option for you to still experience the wonderful stories from the men and women they have lined up to speak . Go here for streaming info 🙂

If you don’t plan to be there but would still like to help someone else make it there you can donate to the scholarship fund here.

Lastly check out this video greeting from Alan Chambers. Hope to see you there!

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Amen Sister!

alanandleslieIn this awesome post by Leslie Chambers (wife of Alan Chambers President of Exodus International ) she shares about her marriage, grace and true freedom in Christ! Read and enjoy! From the Exodus Blog. . .

Leslie Chambers Tackles Heterosexuality, Hyper-Grace, and Offers Hope.

Have you ever wondered what people think of you? As my husband is Alan Chambers, the President of Exodus International, I have. At present, he is somewhat of a conundrum for a lot of people. There seems to be some confusion about who he is, what he is saying and what he stands for. Here it is in a nutshell: while he has repeatedly stated his biblically orthodox view of sexuality, he has also stated his belief that one particular sin is not somehow more offensive to God than another. As his wife, I have stayed out of most of the chaos, but there are a few things that I cannot be silent about any longer. So here it goes… click here to read the rest!

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Exodus Week-End Review for Feb. 21st


OK folks, do yourself a big favor and watch this video. It is fabulous, you won’t regret it!! OH and a Happy Birthday to Mr. Alan Chambers our very fearless leader (as he well proves in this video, you guys crack us up!)

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Exodus Week-End Review for Feb.15th

This week’s review topics are. . .

  • Leadership Reunion recap
  • Upcoming Freedom Conference details
  • Question of the week ” Does Exodus Have A Policy on Gay Marriage?”
  • Donating to the Exodus Freedom scholarship fund

To help support Exodus or to donate to the scholarship fund visit exodusinternational.org/support-exodus/give-now/

For more info and to register for the conference  go to exodusfreedom.org  





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“Do what you will; but I will hinder it, if I may.”

Last week I had the opportunity, thanks to the generosity of some wonderful people, to attend the Exodus Leadership Reunion in Orlando. It was literally a life changing several days for me. God opened my eyes to some things that I believe  will be defining in my life for days, weeks, months and years ahead. I am deeply grateful for the chance to be a part of such an amazing and inspiring group of people.

There are many things I’m going to share about the last several days, but I want to start with the least expected and most surprising of my experiences.

One of the things I was looking forward to most on this trip was having the chance to finally get to have a face to face conversation with Brad Sargent, a man I have admired for some time. Brad is a man of intelligence beyond description, but what I like about him most is the way he radiates pure joy and excitement for the world around him.

eowynOne of the many things we discussed was the importance of storytelling in our lives, one in particular, Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. During one of these conversations (there were a few ;>) I shared with Brad about why I am drawn to the character Eowyn. I have never been a fan of “girl power” messages mostly having to do with their tendency to encourage women to compare themselves to men and come out ahead. It’s rare to find a strong heroine that does not in some way out-do her male peers in her rise to glory, or in some way imply that she is not their equal, but superior. In the character of Eowyn we find a young woman who longs to do the job of a man, to protect and defend those she loves, so much so she’s willing to pretend to be a man. But when her moment comes the only way to do what must be done is to be exactly who she is, a woman. I remember when my Mom read this part to my siblings and I for the first time and I thought “that is the type of girl I am.”

On the plane ride home I started thinking about that conversation again and about our Creator and being made in his image. I started to deeply ponder what it is to be a woman made in the image of God. I’ll admit that the maternal nature of God is something I’ve always struggled with. I had my fair share of struggles in my relationship with my own Mom and through that filter I wasn’t able to get as comfortable with God the Mother as I am with God the Father. In that moment I realized that I have been able to relate to God as a daughter, as a child, even as a sister, but not as an image bearer. Silently and without even realizing it I began asking God to show me how I am made in his image as a woman and almost as quickly as I asked He showed me something astounding.

The picture that came to my mind was that of a lioness defending her cubs and then of Jesus on the cross. It seemed confusing at first but then it came together. As I thought and prayed I realized that when I think about the path to the cross I picture a sorrowful and resigned Jesus, I think of Jesus’ lionessconversation with his Father in the garden and his human plea to let this cup pass from him. I see Jesus carry his cross, broken, bleeding, and silently mourning the actions of his creations. On that airplane somewhere between Orlando and Dallas God made it clear to me that this picture I have carried in my heart and mind for my entire life was wrong.  The image of the lioness came back to my mind. There’s a beautiful violence and determination in the way mothers protect their young that isn’t limited to the animal kingdom, I dare you to lay a hand on one of my sisters children! The maternal instinct to protect is different than the protector in a man. I saw Jesus again, but this picture was different. The resignation I’d always seen was replaced by a steady determination. The sorrow I had always pictured was gone and instead I saw Jesus carrying His cross in righteous rage, every labored step forward roaring in the way that only a mother can, “You will have to go through me to get to them!”

For the first time I began to see what it means to be a woman who bears the image of God. I recognized that this was what I admired about Eowyn’s character. The image of God in women shows itself in our ferocity.

This is only the beginning of a discovery for me, I’m sure, but it reminds me how much bigger God is than I give Him credit for sometimes. I can’t go back to the image of Jesus I had before that moment. I recognize the fierce love I saw in Jesus’ face in the second picture because I have felt it, and that’s the image I was made in.

Surely He has borne our griefs
And carried our sorrows;
Yet we esteemed Him stricken,
Smitten by God, and afflicted.
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed.

– Isaiah 53:4-5

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