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Instead of encouraging those with same-sex attractions to simply pursue heterosexuality, Exodus encourages people to pursue Christ

Exodus International Rejects Reparative Therapy for Gays

Really liked this article and I figured since there’s been so much buzz lately about what Exodus is up to, (as if there’s a moment when there isn’t some kind of buzz about that), I figured that it was a good time to link to it.

Chambers says the event will be helpful for those who struggle with SSA, their friends and their families, but it will also be beneficial to pastors and ministers who haven’t yet learned how to serve this group of people.

This bit, although not the main point of the article is of extreme importance to me. I would love to see more pastors attend Exodus Freedom conferences, and I would add to that list young Christian leaders. As young leaders in the Christian community we need to know what we believe, I think we have an opportunity to impact and educate our churches when we it comes to things like homosexuality and we must know how to love and minister to the Gay community!

This is something you’re going to be hearing from me a lot from now on. We had a large number of people who attended this years conference who were 22- 30 and the majority of those were people who struggled with SSA. I would love to see that number grow because young people from all different walks of life were motivated to come. This is an issue that is shaping our culture and impacting our generation in a significant way, young adult Christians need to be involved!

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