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They Will Know Us By Our Chicken

They Will Know Us By Our Chicken

One of our favorite bloggers/writers has written a very thoughtful and insightful blog post about all this chicken mess and what the deeper issues really are (he also happens to be a friend and a very cool guy ) Go read his post and/ or some of his other posts. He’s pretty smart.

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Why we eat at Chick-fil -a .

As you know there have been so many people commenting on this topic and while we I find great value in  everyone using their voices and platforms to share what they think, I am pretty ready for this debate to be out of the news. I’ve been wanting to say something for a while but just couldn’t decide how. So here I am finally , just wanting to share Why I eat at chick-fil-a .  And that’s the same reason’s I might add that I get my coffee from Starbucks. The reason is they make a good product and I enjoy the atmosphere . Simple. I greatly respect the Cathy family and how they run their businesses (starbucks too ) . I don’t agree with all the words their spokesperson used when he talked about same sex marriage( I will share my thoughts on that in a later post) but I think he had the right to speak them. Anyway I wanted to take this time to share another blog’s opinion that I thought was really great. Matt Chambers shares his thoughts on this situation here .

I totally agree with him and hope that gets people thinking about what really matters and what we should make sure we are really fighting for and I believe that is . . . people.


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