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Stop Looking For The Window

God's windowI’ve been hearing the saying, “When God closes a door he always opens a window”, my entire life.

It’s been around even Google isn’t sure who said it first– could have been sung in a song by a dude named Jim Rule or it might have been something that one nun said from Sound of Music… your guess is probably as good as Google’s at this point.

I’ve never liked the saying.

It rubs me the wrong way about God who is big and good and has purpose for us.

It leaves us with the impression that–

  1. Obstacles are God’s way of directing us (which is a common misconception in my opinion).
  2. That God’s plan for us is smaller than our dreams for ourselves.

I mean, come on! Most windows are significantly smaller than doors. Do we want that to be what we believe about the God who created the heavens? The God who gave us brains that think and hearts that beat? The God who created the platypus? Really?

I think sometimes we get a little lazy when we hit a road block and we’re not really looking for a directive from God as much as we’re looking for window to jump out of.

God is big. He can use the windows we jump out of.

But sometimes God closes a door because he wants us to find the courage to kick it in.

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