Jesus and The Hunger Games.


Knox McCoy is a blogger, book author , podcaster and a genuinely hilarious dude. I first heard of him when I was directed by a friend to his recaps of The Bachelor (if you don’t watch The Bachelor good for you don’t start and also don’t judge me, but you could read his recaps cause they are seriously funny) , once I started reading those I started reading other stuff on his blog and then got on his mailing list and got his book Jesus and The Bachelorette for my Kindle. I know the names of these books seem to imply stupidity but let me assure you Mr. McCoy has a great way of taking things that may seem stupid or trivial and showing you how even those things can point to God in a really cool and smart way and not just God but our Christian lives and even how we see God. Is it funny ? Yes. Is it a little silly? At times . But it is also a really smart way to take something that millions of people are already reading/ watching and maybe just maybe bring Jesus into the conversation and for me I think even for that maybe it’s worth it. I already got my copy ( Thanks Knox!) Go get yours.

Click the image or this link and you can get Jesus and  The Hunger Games for free through Sunday. After that you can buy it (which would be cool of you) on Amazon.

What else can I say to entice you ? OH yeah, he is also part of this wonderful thing called TV Asylum a safe place for the TV obsessed . . .  Oh and a very cool thing called the My Bad Project.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus and The Hunger Games.

  1. Ridgeback says:

    Darn it I missed it! 😦

  2. Katie says:

    OH no! Well you can still buy it on for $4.99 I believe .

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