Great Quotes: Living Standing Stones

God didn’t purposely inflict these things on us, but He knew these things were happening and He didn’t stop them. Many times men and women who come to me for help ask, “Why didn’t God stop this!”

It is not because He doesn’t love us, or care that we are in pain. The Bible is full of love notes to us from God. It is full of words and promises that voice His love for us and His concern for our pain.

The answer lies in remembering the purpose for our lives. God created us to be “living, standing stones” placed smack in the middle of the world’s path, testifying to God’s glory and His goodness. How little that would have meant to a hurting world if we were standing there with no scars of our own to connect our experiences to theirs.

-Nancy K. Brown


2 thoughts on “Great Quotes: Living Standing Stones

  1. I’m always amazed how quick people are to blame God for the suffering in the world. How can they not see that the suffering of the world is rooted in _our sin_ not in God’s not correcting it. The suffering will stop when we become divinized and cease to sin!

    • Kristin Graham says:

      I agree, but at the same time it is hard I think even for Christians at times to understand how there can be an all powerful, loving God and still such terrible things happen to people that don’t in our view deserve it. But I think part of our job like the post says is to show the world what God can do with that suffering. I do agree though, it makes me frustrated when people who seem to want nothing from God all of a sudden blame Him for the bad.

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