Proud Daughters Are We.

A few months ago our church NewChurch Georgetown asked our dad to help them make this video by sharing about his relationship with our mom. We are proud to share this little bit of their story with you here.

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6 thoughts on “Proud Daughters Are We.

  1. byhisgrace404 says:

    I remember hearing this story as we shared dinner with you and your father at the conference in NC. I’m so glad you have put this on video to share with others. I know it will minister to others as it has me. Blessings to all of you… Bev

  2. Randy Thomas says:

    ::: sniffle ::: hadn’t wept like this for y’all since Nancy’s passing. Much love to you.

  3. “You cannot do too much for your wife” ~ Don Brown

    That should be the title of a lecture tour, or a book, or at least get onto a bumper sticker.

  4. […] I think spoken word is a really cool art form, I hope you do too and I hope you check out this video by Elevation Media. I saw this video on Facebook this afternoon, it was posted by our friend Tony Moore who is the pastor of Transformation House church in Greenville SC and while I am on the subject I think you should know Tony is a very cool guy and I recommend you check out his blog as well. You can also go to their Youtube Channel and watch sermons,check out the Hero series and you might recognize the video of our Dad from this post! […]

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