To go or Not to go, that is the question

These days it’s pretty common to be invited to the civil union of a same sex couple. It might be a friend or co-worker or someone even closer like a parent brother,sister or other family member but as a Christian that often brings up a hard question. If I go am I compromising my faith? What does my going say , that I approve? When you love these people and you want to know how to best answer that question it can start to feel like a tug of war. I don’t have the answers but at the Exodus Freedom Conference this past summer a couple named Alan and Denise Taylor  shared their testimony and  touched on that very question and what they shared changed my heart on this issue completely . In this blog post Randy Thomas shares about that and his own thoughts on this question. I hope you find it helpful. I know I did. You can purchase a copy of the couple’s testimony from the conference here, you can also purchase lots of the other testimonies there as well but the Taylor’s is about the 14th one down.

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