St. Paul here we come!!

Well ladies and gentlemen in 3 short days we will be on our way to the 37th annual Exodus Freedom Conference. We are so excited to be working with the Young Adults Refuge group this year as well as teaching a workshop !! We wanted to let you all know about a wonderful option that is now available to anyone who cannot make it to the conference. This year they are offering Live and On Demand streaming of the 7 main sessions! I’m gonna give you the link to all the info down below. If you have never been to one of the Freedom Conferences I urge you to check it out and then think about coming next year. Its such an amazing time of learning and fellowship and God does some pretty Awesome stuff each year. We are so blessed and honored to be able to be apart of such an amazing event !!! I hope you pray about joining in person or through the streaming option!! Look out for posts and updates during and after the Conference !!

OH and check out the video greeting from one of the speakers Christopher Yuan, its in the post below  !

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2 thoughts on “St. Paul here we come!!

  1. Randy says:

    I look forward to seeing you all … safe travels!

  2. Katie says:

    We can’t wait to see you Randy!! Safe travels to you as well!

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