Small Rebellions

Today we have many people telling us who we are, what we are. One side calls us Bigots , Haters and assumes for us an identity of Anti Gay, anti abortion, anti equality, anti love. While the other side is throwing stones at us wrapped in labels such as heretic , blasphemer , pretend followers and using words like easy grace, mushy gospel and accusing us of following a belief that trusts in grace but removes truth. Both sides try and force us to their side by relentlessly telling us what we are, who we are . That stops today. I refuse to be held down by the identities you have decided to give me. I will start to define myself by the things I know to be true , I am nothing more than a raggamuffin clothed in the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I will support who the Spirit leads me to support, I will love and accept ALL. I will turn my back on fear . I will spend my days in rebellion of all the labels both sides put on me and listen to the voice of none but my Maker. I will no longer be crushed into conformity by the charges you lay at my door, they are only a means of manipulation and social oppression. I will commit brutal acts of kindness, I will stand up shameless and speak about the things I believe in. I will not apologize for them in any circles. It is time for the followers of Christ stop letting everyone else tell us who we are and start making it Perfectly Clear.

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7 thoughts on “Small Rebellions

  1. tylerjsilver says:

    Would it be alright if I reblog this?

  2. Jeff Alexander says:

    I enjoyed this…thanks!

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