I’ll Fly Away On A Sin Wagon

There is a revolution on the way, you may have noticed that from different corners of the world people are flocking to and embracing a free Gospel of Grace. And with this new movement some are questioning its lack of rules, let’s look at one of the biggest questions out there.
If what I am hearing about God’s grace is true, then  what keeps people from indulging in whatever sin they feel like?

Let me answer that with a tale, my story comes for a little book called Little Men. This wonderful book is the second in a trilogy by Louisa May Alcott , the first book Little women is one that you may have heard of or perhaps read before, and while I love all of the books about the March family Little Men has to be my most favorite.

This book is primarily about two of the characters from the first book, Joe and Prof. Bhaer. Mr. and Mrs. Bhaer run a school/home for boys and in this particular story we will look at a little lesson taught to a boy named Nat.

Nat is new to the house and has a very rough background. No parents living and an upbringing on the streets has left little Nat with a big problem with Lying. He doesn’t mean to but he really doesn’t know any other way. Prof. Bhaer decides to help Nat out with a little experiment  . He tells Nat that from now on when he is caught in a lie instead of Prof. Bhaer punishing him, Nat will have to punish Prof. Bhaer. Little Nat does not like that sound of that, he has become very fond of Prof. Bhaer and is already very sorry that he has disappointed him but agrees to the experiment . Not too long after that Nat is caught lying to Tommy and Tommy goes and confronts him, when Prof. Bhaer hears the boys in their confrontation he gently leads Nat into a quiet room and tells him to administer the punishment “ You remember what I told you the last time ?” said Mr. Bhaer, sorrowfully, not angrily. “ Yes; but please don’t make me, I can’t bear it!”

Mr. Bhaer keeps his word and little Nat gives the punishment, but as soon as it is done he falls  to the floor and sobs into the arms of the one who has just been punished.

Rules didn’t keep Nat from lying, threat of punishment had already failed and even the disappointment he was sure Prof. Bhaer felt didn’t work. It was love that moved Nat to make better choices. Seeing someone he loved bear the consequences of his actions, seeing that same person’s love for him demonstrated in the sacrifice.


When Grace is allowed to reign in our lives love will be the true and best motivator that keeps us from flying away on our sin wagons. It’s the lasting, life altering effect of love that moves us on from the cat and mouse game of sin and punishment.

When we really understand the amazing thing Christ did for us on the cross  we are brought into a much fuller union with Christ and truly know what it means to love and be loved by God.

In Clark Whitten’s book Pure Grace he says

“We are in union with Christ; and when that happened, our lives began to be governed by Christ, not by an externally imposed list of laws. We now have an internal allegiance of our spirit to Jesus. When our lives are expressed through our union with Christ, everything He is begins to be released through us.  Not law, but love, is the motive of our lives! The inspiration of love becomes the dominant factor of our lives and is able to produce in us what the restraint of law was never able to do. The greatest constraining power against sin is love, not law! “

Don’t be afraid to accept the gift of grace in your life, the only risk is a life completely changed by the powerful effect of Gods furious love for us.


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