Relevant Magazine: The Sin You Can’t Quit

FANTASTIC post over at Relevant Magazine about The Sin You Can’t Quit.

I find myself annoyed more than anything most times when Christians go off on a tangent about “habitual sin”.  The last time I checked the Bible made it clear that all sin is equally unholy and that we have all “fallen short of the glory of God”. And to my knowledge, Jesus is the only man who ever managed to be perfect. So doesn’t that mean that we all struggle with sin daily? Wouldn’t that daily struggle constitute as habitual?

Thankfully this Relevant Magazine post takes a different angle and it’s really refreshing and encouraging!

It’s good to know that there are Christians out there who can take the time to really consider what they represent and try to understand Truth. Earlier this morning I saw this video response  by “Brother Redbone” on youtube. The video he posted is in response to another youtube video of a young man coming out to his father over the phone “live”. Now while I have a lot of feelings about someone coming out over the phone and on video to their parent, I praise God for the response of the father on the other end, who made it clear that he would love his son no matter what. I’m not worried about whether or not that love affirms the son’s homosexual identity or not, it’s not my job to worry about that, I’m only glad to have hear the father say, “this doesn’t change our relationship”… because it shouldn’t.

Sadly, “Brother Redbone” wasn’t satisfied with the father’s response and felt it needed to be added that while it was great and fine that the young man’s father still loved him, it didn’t change that he was going to hell.

I wish Christian culture wasn’t so obsessed with sin.


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2 thoughts on “Relevant Magazine: The Sin You Can’t Quit

  1. Ridgeback says:

    So true Katie. We should be obsessed with how God views the faithful; as perfect. I think the obsession with sin is related to the general culture of fear that most Christians live in daily. IMO, a lot of that stems from the leading (and faulty) eschatological model. If you know where you are headed, it is easier to find the way to live. Our burdens should be comfortable, not chafing.

  2. Katie says:

    =) Exactly… I am about to write a post about that… actually.

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